Recommended Service Intervals at Blair's Ferry Automotive

April 30, 2018

Most people in the Marion area are aware that automotive manufacturers have recommended service intervals. Following recommended service intervals is very important. The engineers that design our vehicles have tested the various systems and components to meet durability and safety standard... More

Automotive Tips from Blair's Ferry Automotive: Rotor Problems

April 22, 2018

The brake rotor, or disc, is attached to your wheel. The brake pads rub on the rotor to slow your car when you are driving in Marion.Rotors can warp, crack or become misaligned. They can also be damaged by worn out brake pads that scratch grooves into the surface. These conditions result in less ... More

Super Slick at Blair's Ferry Automotive in Marion: Synthetic Oil

April 17, 2018

When you get an oil change, it's always a safe bet to just use the type of oil the manufacturer recommends. But sometimes we're asked if we'd like conventional or synthetic motor oil. We glance at the price tags on the two options and choose the cheaper one. But in this case, the more exp... More

Wiper Blades in Iowa

April 10, 2018

If you're gonna drive around the Marion area, you've got to be able to see! So having a good set of windshield wipers is extremely important. We've all experienced the frustration and fear of not being able to see clearly during a storm or when our windshield is just dirty.It seems like y... More

Fuel Injection Keeps Getting Better for Marion Motorists

April 7, 2018

Marion residents know that engines burn fuel to operate. Fuel is pumped from your fuel tank to your engine where it is squirtedor injectedinto your engine's cylinders. This is the function of the fuel injectors.There are two ways to inject fuel into an engine. Fuel needs air to burn, so in the fi... More

What Is That? Check Engine Light Service at Blair's Ferry Automotive

April 6, 2018

Okay. You went to your local Marion car wash, and while your vehicle was under the dryer, the Check Engine light started flashing. Panic! What did you just do? Something is seriously wrong with the vehicle! You head for the nearest Marion service center, but on the way, the Check Engine l... More

Serpentine Belt Service at Blair's Ferry Automotive

April 5, 2018

Most Marion folks occasionally have days when they've got a bunch of errands to run. Yesterday was my day off and I needed to fill the gas tank, pick up some groceries at my Marion market, swing by the ATM and get the kids from school. I could have made four trips . . . but that would hav... More

When Are Your Tires Worn Out?

April 3, 2018

Hey Marion area drivers, are your tires worn out? What is the standard for our Iowa streets? How can you tell on your vehicle?While there may be legal requirements for the Marion area, there are safety concerns that go beyond meeting minimum replacement mandates.Two-thirty-seconds of an ... More

Marion Customer Detective Work

April 2, 2018

One might say the most challenging part of being an automotive service technician at Blair's Ferry Automotive in Marion is diagnosing a problem before it can be fixed.Cars in Iowa are made up of a bunch of complex systems. There usually could be a number of reasons for any given symptom. So, it's... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Tire Pressure Saves Fuel in Marion

April 1, 2018

Underinflated tires waste gas for lots of folks in the Marion area. Think how hard it is to walk in sand you just have to work harder because of the resistance. When your tires don't have enough air in them, their rolling resistance is dramatically increased and it simply takes more gas t... More