The Power Behind your Engine (Alternator Diagnosis and Repair)

September 27, 2020

There's nothing like that sinking feeling when you turn the key and nothing happens in your vehicle. A lot of us are quick to blame the battery. But it may instead be your alternator that's failing. Your battery supplies power to start your vehicle, but the alternator is what sends power when y... More

Out with the Old (Vehicle Parts that Wear Out)

September 20, 2020

Some drivers don't pay any attention to their vehicles until something breaks. Others take them into their service repair facility for maintenance even before a problem develops. Still, even if you fit into the second group, there are some parts on a vehicle that will simply wear out over time.... More

Greeted by a Screech (Loud Noise when Starting Vehicle)

September 13, 2020

No one likes to be greeted in the morning by having someone screech at you. The same goes for a loud, high-pitched noise your vehicle greets you with every time you start the engine. If you're wondering if that's normal, no, it isn't. And it is worth getting checked out. The good news is that... More

Is Your Marion Driving Severe?

September 6, 2020

People near Marion, Iowa, often ask Blair's Ferry Automotive how often they should have a particular service done. It's a great thing to ask. You can look at your owner's manual or have your Marion, Iowa, service advisor at Blair's Ferry Automotive look up your vehicle in a service database. What... More